how about no
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probably omg
though i really think i'd just climb on a tree and starve myself to death
let's be honest here
hunger games


I would betray all of you in the Hunger Games 

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monstrous regiment

There was a guard on the ferry. He eyed her nervously as she led the horse aboard, and then grinned when he saw what he thought were stripes that didn’t really mean much.

"Morning, miss!" he said cheerfully.

Oh, well … time to start. Polly marched in front of the puzzled man.

"Are you trying to be smart?" she demanded, inches from his face.

"No, miss-"

"That’s ‘Sergeant,’ mister!" said Polly. "Let’s try again, shall we? I said, are you trying to be smart?"

"No, Sergeant!"

Polly leaned until her nose was an inch from his.

"Why not?"

The grin faded. This was not a soldier on the fast track to promotion.

"Huh?" he managed.

"If you are not trying to be smart, mister, you’re happy to be stupid!" shouted Polly. "And I’m up to here with stupid, understand?"


- Terry Pratchett, Monstrous Regiment (via charminglyantiquated)
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don't talk to me
i'm uPSET
yes i tagged it fitzsimmons
leo fitz
jemma simmons
his face is ruining me
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this broke my heart too
mostly because of iain's acting
which is just
wow screw you man h o w
leo fitz
jemma simmons
also simmons u so oblivious i'm dying
like i'd mind a lot less if you were a bit more observant and just didn't care but the fact that you literally see nothing and fitz is like
the most open book anyone's ever been while trying not to be
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agents of shield
omg yes
fucking ward
i liiiiked him damnit
stop killing senior agents i like
like eric
and hand



I’m sorry you are dead

I liked you

that’s probably why

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oh honey
leo fitz
jemma simmons
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damn i really really like trip
but fuck that's sad
and i totally felt it too
leo fitz


You know, Fitz being the butt of every joke used to be funny. Like it was sort of harmless teasing showing Fitz as kind of a cute awkward dork, because it just poked at his social skills which are kind of awkward.

Now it just seems kinda sad and mean with each increasing episode, since now they’re always framed as cutting at the one thing that defines Fitz: His smarts and that they make him useful to the team. It’s like, Trip’s not just taking his friend, but also taking Fitz’s role of being the person who “knows stuff”, so it’s gone from funny to depressing.

And the double meaning conversation with him and Coulson and then him and Simmons at the end, so many feels. :(

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i was one of the few people not attacking fitz in the last few episodes and tbh i was expecting this scene to come up
but still it's so sad but also good that fitz realizes this and matures that way
but still sad my poor baby
did i mention sad?
leo fitz
don't talk to me
my feelings for this character


no but like do you understand how significant it is

for fitz to be able to see clearly that trip is not the problem

he is resistant to change, he knows it, and he acknowledges it, he acknowledges that the friction between himself and trip is on him

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still no
the fades
everyone needs to watch this
this and orphan black
just do it people

endless list of favourite shows: the fades
↳"You murdered me." "No, I freed you. Every revolutionary has blood on his hands."
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you know who you are
*hugs all of you*


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i'm crying


It’s too hot *opens window* in comes 20 flys, 8 spiders, 17 daddy long legs, 50 moths, 3 dragons and 12 Jehovah’s witnesses.

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i feel faint
*whispers* i saw you live
tom hiddleston
my gorgeous baby
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game of thrones
tw: rape

Critics’ Reactions to the Jaime/Cersei Rape Scene in Episode 4.3 of Game of Thrones

"I wonder, then, if the rape was on some level a misguided attempt to give Cersei even more pathos, a la the convenient backstory rapes that have become depressingly common on prestige TV (and Scandal)…I wonder if TV Thrones‘s writers just have a tendency to change problematic book sex scenes into clear scenes of unconsensual sex.” - Hillary Busis, Entertainment Weekly

“Game of Thrones has a rape problem.” - Kevin Spak, Newser

"In the original depiction, Jaime never says “Why have the Gods made me love a hateful woman?” — a line that the TV show added in, which in context makes Jaime look like an abusive rapist (the gods made me do it!)”- Darren Franich, Entertainment Weekly

Jaime forced himself upon Cersei despite her demands to stop. “It’s not right,” she cried, to which Jaime snarled, “I don’t care.”…we can never unsee that godawful scene. - Leanne Aguilera, E! Online

"If this scene really just is a miscalculation in direction (and potentially the writing of Benioff and Weiss, neither of whom have yet commented on it) and doesn’t get any payoff later in the season, then it truly deserves all the criticism it has been receiving.” - Terri Schwartz, Zap2It

The director who shot the scene and the man who acted in it both believe it wasn’t necessarily nonconsensual sex— an attitude that isn’t totally surprising in a society that’s deeply confused about what constitutes consent, and that doesn’t always recognize sexual violence for what it is. -Tara Culp-Ressler, ThinkProgress

So then Jaime … well … no other way to put this, really. He rapes his sister beside their corpse of their murdered son. This is the same guy who protected Brienne from a similar fate last year.  - James Hibberd, Entertainment Weekly

"…the show’s overall treatment of women as disposable objects onto whom physical and emotional violence are relentlessly enacted. Sexual violence is so pervasive on the show that nearly every woman on the show has been raped or threatened with rape. The show, and the books, reveal the disturbing and cavalier facility with which rape becomes a narrative device.Rape is used to punish. Rape is used to make a woman more sympathetic or to explicate their anger or other unlikable qualities. Rape is used to put women in their place.” -Roxane Gay, Salon

"The entire scene in the sept was an exercise in Cersei’s belittlement. She watched her father degrade and dishonor (albeit truthfully) her firstborn’s legacy and then manipulate her youngest into serving as his marionette. Then, on the floor next to the body of her dead son, the only man she’s ever taken into her confidence abused that trust in the most vile way imaginable.” - Hillary Kelly, The New Republic

"A giggling dead body would have at least taken our attention away from, you know, the raping." - Johnny Brayson, wetpaint

"Whether the show meant it to come across that way or not, what we saw was a rape.” - Erik Kain, Forbes

"The scene, which has Cersei pleading “stop it” repeatedly and struggling against Jaime, appears far from consensual." - Margaret Wappler, Los Angeles Times

In the show there’s no other way to interpret it as unambiguous rape. Jaimie isn’t loving when he tries to have sex with her in the show, he’s shown as being angry and hateful, cursing her for being a wicked woman. There’s no point in the scene on the show that we can see Cersei consent, which makes the whole scene significantly different from the book. Some readers have pointed out that the rape in the show is damaging for Cersei’s character arc since she had to endure the marriage to Robert Baratheon in which he essentially engaged in marital rape,  Her consensual sex was always with Jaimie who made her feel safe. Jaimie raping her in the show completely destroys their relationship and destroys the trust she has in Jaimie leaving her without anyone. - AJ, the Digital Times

The rewritten scene also takes away all of Cersei’s agency. In the original text, Cersei chooses to have sex with Jaime, grotesque as it and the setting may be — because she wants to, or because she uses sex to manipulate, it doesn’t matter. Cersei has power and control. The scene in the show deprives her of all of that. - Amelia McDonell-Parry, The Frisky

His response is not to stop loving her, not to stop believing that he is victim to the gods. Instead, Jaime rapes his sister, passing that sense of unendurable pain on to her. He must know that this is the worst possible way that he could hurt her. Jaime knew that Robert raped Cersei, and in the novels, he wanted to kill Robert for it. Not only does raping Cersei remind his sister of her repeated, humiliating violation, Jaime is poisoning their own relationship, the thing that had been Cersei’s antidote to the miseries of her marriage. It is an exceptionally cruel thing for Jaime to do.  - Alyssa Rosenberg, Washington Post.

It’s hard to shake the idea that Game Of Thrones, the show, doesn’t see a problem with pushing a scene from complicated, consensual sex to outright rape. It would be easier to accept that idea if it were clear what the show was trying to do with those changes. - Sonia Saraiya, AV Club

If Graves intended to depict consensual sex in the end, he completely failed. This wasn’t even one of those terribly clichéd scenes where a man starts raping a woman only to find that she comes around to thinking it’s hot. Cersei is still kicking and protesting when the camera cuts away. It’s as straightforward a rape scene as you’ll get on TV, unless you buy the ridiculous myth that a woman can’t be raped if she’s consented to sex with a man before. - Amanda Marcotte, Slate

This isn’t the first rape scene in Game of Thrones—far from it. And there’s been controversy over the show’s use of rape before. But what makes this scene the most upsetting one yet is that the director didn’t realize he was filming a rape scene…Whether or not the creators intended this to be a rape scene is irrelevant; they made one anyway. And worse, they made one that encourages the most dangerous thinking about rape imaginable. - Laura Hudson, Wired

"How will victims of sexual assault be affected when a director and actor in one of television’s most popular shows questions whether no really means no?" - Eliana Dockterman, Time Magazine

I’ll go ahead and say it: Jaime Lannister has become a rape cliché. He’s the boss, like every other on-screen rapist we’ve ever seen. - Hayley Krischer, Salon

"I’m not opposed to shows depicting sexual violence, but rape-as-prop is always distressing…Rape and abuse have consequences for the victims who carry those traumas with them. While I don’t know exactly how the show will depict the aftermath of Jamie raping Cersei, GoT does not have a strong track record of acknowledging or exploring the lingering effects of surviving sexual assault." - Margarey Lyons, Vulture/New York Magazine

"I can’t think of any comparable defense for the rape scene in "Breaker of Chains," which feels like a naked and ill-conceived attempt to push Game of Thrones into even darker territory. …I’m concerned that Game of Thrones has made a mistake it can’t take back — and one that sets a troubling precedent for the show’s future.” - Scott Meslow, The Week

The Game of Thrones Rape Scene Was Unnecessary and Despicable….The fact that showrunners might be asking us to overlook this for the sake of character development is downright insulting and says a lot about how we treat victims, especially the ones who come off as unlikable. - Madeleine Davies,

Is “Game of Thrones” Obsessed With Sexual Assault?…Frankly, there are some weeks when “Game of Thrones” doesn’t seem worth the effort.  - Sam Adams, IndieWire
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how about no
scarlett johansson
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